Wed. May 22 – State Capitol – Say No More Fossil Fuels and False Solutions!

Capitalism vs. the Climate Invites You to Join Us At the State Capitol to Say No More Fossil Fuels and False Solutions! It’s High Time to Oppose the Comprehensive Energy Strategy, and To Call for 100% Just, Renewable Energy!

With dirty natural gas, carbon trading, and mega-hydro, Governor Malloy‘s Comprehensive Energy Strategy puts Northeast Utilities’ and other corporations’ profits over Connecticut’s communities.

Make a sign and join the fun!
Wednesday, May 22nd at 1 pm
210 Capitol Ave , Hartford , CT

We can power Connecticut with 100% wind, solar and water, and we ought to start now. Last year was Connecticut ‘s hottest year on record. We always knew burning garbage, coal and gas in Connecticut’s cities was a bad idea, but now we have even more wake-up calls such as Hurricane Sandy and atmospheric CO2 passing the dangerous 400 parts per million level.


Governor Malloy’s Comprehensive Energy Strategy

  • EXPANDS NATURAL GAS infrastructure in Connecticut . Fracking for natural gas contaminates drinking water with methane and poisons workers with silica dust. Pipelines and power plants bring risks directly to Connecticut ; six workers died in a 2010 natural gas explosion in Middletown . Natural gas is also worse for the climate than coal when you factor in methane leaks from fracking and pipelines, according to Cornell University Professor Robert Howarth’s research.
  • INCREASES RELIANCE ON CARBON TRADING, allowing power plants to continue their pollution as long as they purchase pollution permits and carbon offsets. Emissions trading sometimes widens inequality of exposure to pollution. Between 1995 and 2000, during a sulphur-dioxide trading program, sulphur dioxide emissions increased at 300 of the country’s 500 dirtiest power plants.
  • TRIES TO EVADE, through several guises, Connecticut’s requirement that electricity providers obtain 20% of their energy from Class I renewable sources by 2020. First, there were attempts to count trash incineration toward this goal. Now, Senate Bill 1138 is an attempt to count Canadian hydroelectric power. We cannot support Malloy’s proposed incentives for “renewable energy” if his administration will just apply them to dirty false solutions.
  • STIPULATES INADEQUATE EMISSIONS REDUCTIONS that are at best laughable and at worst a distraction. Even Malloy’s Executive Summary admits “significant additional measures” are required to meet Connecticut’s statutory goal [viii] which itself is far weaker than the 50% reduction by 2017 called for by the World People’s Conference on Climate Change in Cochabamba, Bolivia.

Confronting the root causes of climate change, Capitalism vs. the Climate aims to organize without hierarchy and targets the social injustices underlying climate change. We support direct action as an effective way to win campaigns for justice and prefigure the world we seek to build. We align with Rising Tide North America and organize in solidarity with communities at the frontlines of climate change.

Does your group want to endorse this action? Email!

(photo by Jack Gruber, USA Today)

Call your legislator and let them know you oppose the Comprehensive Energy Strategy!

Find your legislators’ phone numbers here:

Sample script (please say in your own words):

“I am concerned about loopholes and false solutions in Governor Malloy’s Comprehensive Energy Strategy.

I oppose legislation that implements Governor Malloy’s Comprehensive Energy Strategy, including House Bill 6360 and Senate Bills 839 and 1138. By expanding natural gas, carbon trading, and mega-hydro power, these bills benefit corporations like Northeast Utilities, rather than communities impacted by dirty energy and climate change.

I support an increase in energy conservation and efficiency and a just transition to 100% clean, renewable, community-controlled energy, like wind, solar and microhydro.

Can you tell me if he/she will oppose H.B. 6360, S.B. 839 and S.B. 1138?

Thank you for your time.”



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