CT Demonstrators Drop Banner Against Governor’s Plan to Expand Natural Gas, Mega-hydro, CO2 Trade

will not let you 3

click to see You Tube video of May 22 rally

interview at the rally with Rich Frascone about the promise of wind power

interview with Frank Panzarella of “Fight the Hike”

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Demonstrators Drop Banner Against Governor’s Energy Plan, Call Instead for 100% Renewable Energy

Hartford, Connecticut—On Wednesday, members of Capitalism vs. the Climate unfurled a banner from the bridge connecting the State Capitol and Legislative Office Building. The banner said: “We Will Not Let You Dam Our Rivers, Frack our Land, Sell Our Air.”

The banner referred to Governor Malloy’s Comprehensive Energy Strategy, which demonstrators say expands Connecticut’s reliance on “false solutions” including natural gas, hydroelectric power, and carbon trading. A statement from Capitalism vs. the Climate opposed three bills in the state legislature that would implement the Governor’s policies: House Bill 6360 and Senate Bills 839 and 1138.

“It’s not a solution what they’re proposing with the gas. We need wind. We need solar,” said April Scheller. Protesters handed out flyers calling for increased energy conservation and 100% renewable energy in Connecticut, citing a study by Stanford University Professor Mark Jacobson to show this goal is indeed achievable.

Initially called for by Capitalism vs. the Climate, the demonstration was quickly co-sponsored by Fight the Hike, 350-CT, Connecticut Coalition for Environmental Justice (CCEJ), Promoting Enduring Peace, Socialist Action and Great Society of Environmental Warriors.

“Our decisions we’re making right now are going to affect many, many generations of life on this planet. And things are quickly deteriorating in terms of the climate. We just passed 400 parts-per-million of carbon in the atmosphere. Civilization has never existed in that type of climate,” said Nick Katkevich.

Confronting climate change’s root causes, Capitalism vs. the Climate organizes non-hierarchically and takes direct action in solidarity with communities most impacted by the climate crisis.


We will not let you

change the system

Fight the Hike

Why is it easier

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