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Climate injustice for sale in Northeast’s carbon trade

CvC’s Dan Fischer writes in Climate Connections:

Climate injustice for sale in Northeast’s carbon trade

By Dan Fischer, 5 November 2013, Special to Climate Connections


With establishment environmentalists’ support, the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states wish to update and expand the region’s electricity sector cap-and-trade program known as the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative or RGGI. At quarterly auctions, RGGI sells permits for pollution to electricity companies, banks and other bidders, before letting these parties trade with each other on a pollution market. An update currently being implemented to RGGI’s Model Rule[1] would lower the number of pollution rights sold at these auctions, theoretically reducing the region’s pollution over time. A number of factors, however, make RGGI unlikely to fairly or effectively reduce emissions.RGGI’s update could bring to the region new pollution hotspots in poor and minority communities, increased use of carbon offsets, and a greater reliance on dirty, greenhouse gas-emitting energy sources like biomass and natural gas.

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Confront Climate Change, Stop Malloy’s Comprehensive Energy Strategy

system change

A Statement from Capitalism vs. the Climate

May 13, 2013. Last year, Connecticut experienced its warmest year on record and saw 5 people killed by Superstorm Sandy.[i] At the same time, communities mobilized to build new recycling facilities and community gardens, bring together unions and climate activists, and postpone construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, demonstrating a heightened sense of urgency and possibility around confronting climate change.

“It’s clear that achieving 100% just, renewable energy is not only socially beneficial and technologically possible, but also an environmental necessity,” said Carmen Cordero, a member of Capitalism vs. the Climate. “Governor Malloy’s Comprehensive Energy Strategy is so packed with false solutions and loopholes that it takes Connecticut further away from reaching this goal.”

Despite our testimonies at public hearings and our satirical Climate Circus [ii], serious flaws in the Comprehensive Energy Strategy have not been remedied. We therefore call for the defeat of House Bill 6360 An Act Concerning an Implementation of Connecticut’s Comprehensive Energy Strategy and the related Senate Bills 839 and 1138.

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