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Remarks on Natural Gas to the CT Roundtable on Climate & Jobs

Detail of Tower for drilling horizontally into...

Detail of Tower for drilling horizontally into the Marcellus Shale Formation for natural gas, just north of Pennsylvania Route 118 in eastern Moreland Township, Lycoming County, Pennsylvania, USA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On Wednesday the CT Roundtable on Climate and Jobs held their forum on natural gas. Dan Fischer was asked to speak for 3 minutes in between two speakers who were in favor of natural gas. His comment is below. The bottom line is that we can create jobs and energy without poisoning workers with silica dust, risking their lives to an explosion, and sacrificing the Marcellus Shale and Bridgeport.

Deb Eck was working 96 hours a week to support her 10 and-a-half year-old twins last spring when she received a notice. She was being evicted along with 32 families of Lycoming County, Pennsylvania’s Riverdale Mobile Home Park, so that Aqua America could construct a pump station needed for fracking natural gas. Several of her neighbors were forced to spend their retirement money to move their trailers and sheds.

“I want our community back,” Ms. Eck said, “I want our family back. When the first trailer rolled out, that was bad enough. It just kept getting worse.”

When tonight’s crowd of labor and environmental advocates bands together, we are undefeatable. The fossil fuel bosses knows this, and they’d like nothing more than to divide us, to disperse us just as quickly as they dispersed the Riverdale Mobile Home Park. We can’t let that happen.
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Climate Activist Jeremy Brecher to Speak in West Haven

Activist Jeremy Brecher who has written 12 books on labor, activism and climate problems will be speaking next Monday, June 3 in West Haven about his newest book “Save the Humans?” The talk will start at 6:30 p.m. in the Sacco Room (lower level) at the West Haven Main Library , 300 Elm St. The book talks about major challenges facing humanity like disasters caused by climate change and the ways people are organizing to preserve jobs and prosperity.

The event is free.

It’s sponsored by the Friends of the West Haven Library System.

Jeremy Brecher’s website features articles like:

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Confront Climate Change, Stop Malloy’s Comprehensive Energy Strategy

system change

A Statement from Capitalism vs. the Climate

May 13, 2013. Last year, Connecticut experienced its warmest year on record and saw 5 people killed by Superstorm Sandy.[i] At the same time, communities mobilized to build new recycling facilities and community gardens, bring together unions and climate activists, and postpone construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, demonstrating a heightened sense of urgency and possibility around confronting climate change.

“It’s clear that achieving 100% just, renewable energy is not only socially beneficial and technologically possible, but also an environmental necessity,” said Carmen Cordero, a member of Capitalism vs. the Climate. “Governor Malloy’s Comprehensive Energy Strategy is so packed with false solutions and loopholes that it takes Connecticut further away from reaching this goal.”

Despite our testimonies at public hearings and our satirical Climate Circus [ii], serious flaws in the Comprehensive Energy Strategy have not been remedied. We therefore call for the defeat of House Bill 6360 An Act Concerning an Implementation of Connecticut’s Comprehensive Energy Strategy and the related Senate Bills 839 and 1138.

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Group Says Climate Protection Can Mean More Jobs

The cover of one of Jeremy Brecher's books.

On March 13 the Litchfield Country Times wrote about the “Roundtable on Jobs and Climate”.  The group made up of activists on labor and activists on climate issues is working to protect jobs and climate.  Click here for the article.