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Stamford 14 Case –Seems Like Authorities Trying to Drag This Out

Bomb squad call

Yesterday, three members of Hands Off Appalachia tried to hand deliver a letter to UBS Americas headquarters in Stamford, CT. UBS’ response? Twelve police officers and the bomb squad!

Do you know what’s even more ridiculous than that? The Stamford 14 were hit with a $16,000 restitution fee for their actions last fall! Help us out and DONATE to our legal defense fund: http://bit.ly/donateHOA



Stamford 14 on Trial for Defending Lives and Land in Appalachia

Check out these videos from The Struggle!


The Stamford 14’s next court date is a pre-trial hearing on March 20th. Please donate to the Hands off Appalachia Legal Fund online at: http://bit.ly/donateHOA!

Articles: Mountaintop Removal and Fossil Fuel Zionism

Statement from D Steele, one of the 14 arrested in Stamford: “This is my limit, I will suffer no more


…As I write this statement, I think of the the first solidarity campaign between Appalachia and Connecticut. When the final battle between the UMWA and Pittston happened, when UMWA miners traveled to the headquarters of Pittston, flanked by people in the northeast standing in solidarity in the fight for a fair wage, and a functional union; they ran face to face with all the powerful forces that constitutes what we call Capitalism..

Read more: http://handsoffappalachia.com/2013/11/25/dustin-steele-this-is-my-limit-i-will-suffer-no-more/

Dan Fischer writes in Palestine Chronicle on “Zionism in Service of Fossil Fuel Extraction“.

Palestinian children play in a polluted stream contaminated by wastewater from Ariel settlement, Bruqin, West Bank. (Photo: EWASH-OPT)

With Israel branding itself as a model of environmental sustainability, many overlook the Zionist lobby’s support for extreme fossil fuel extraction in North America, from fracking to offshore drilling.

Historically, Israel has helped the US secure the flow of oil from the Middle East. In 1958, the US National Security Council stated, “if we choose to combat radical Arab nationalism and to hold Persian Gulf oil by force if necessary, a logical corollary would be to support Israel as the only strong pro-West power left in the Near East.” Now, pro-Israel organizations defend North America’s own energy flows.

Zionist leaders have gone so far as to form an alliance with oil and gas drillers. Named the Council for a Secure America, it has been hailed as potentially “one of the most significant coalitions in our industry” by the Kansas Independent Oil and Gas Association.

Read more: http://www.palestinechronicle.com/zionism-in-service-of-fossil-fuel-extraction/#.UqZhaY1NqKw

14 arrested in Stamford, protesting UBS & mountaintop removal

Banner Drops, Sit-ins, and Lockdowns

Capitalism vs. the Climate joined with Hands off Appalachia on November 25th in a series of direct actions targeting mountaintop removal financier UBS in Stamford.

14 demonstrators were arrested. On Monday, December 2nd, the last of them were freed.

This is not the first time that people in Appalachia and Connecticut joined together to protest the coal bosses. In 1988-90, Appalachians went on strike against Pittston coal and traveled to protest the company’s HQ in Greenwich, CT. That strike won crucial health care and retirement benefits for miners in Virginia. Now, we will win in making UBS divest from blowing up mountains.

Here is a sampling of our actions’ sizable media attention:

Between the Lines (radio), “Direct Action Protest Hits Swiss Bank UBS for Role in Financing Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining

Stamford Advocate (front page), “14 arrested in protest of Stamford based UBS

Stamford Patch, “UBS protesters cause headache for police in downtown Stamford

News 12 Connecticut (video), “4 “Hands Off Appalachia” protesters facing charges after protesting UBS by climbing atop crane

The Struggle (video), “UBS is tearing up Appalachia” (starts at 24:42)

Also, on the 24th, Hands off Appalachia dropped a banner in the middle of UBS’ Thanksgiving parade in Stamford!

UBS thanksgiving

Charges Reduced Against the Stamford 4, Ordered to Pay Large Fine

On Tuesday, April, Carmen, Nick and Vic had their charges reduced to two, non-criminal misdemeanors. The deal which the presiding Judge had to encourage a reluctant prosecutor to accept came with a hefty fine. The judge and prosecutor subsequently rejected a request that community service be done in leu of the fine.

Our #FearlessSummer heroes need your help! Please donate to their legal fund now to help them cover this large fine and other court fees: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=F2H4ZR6KHJD6L

Read more about their action here: http://environmentalheadlines.com/ct/2013/06/28/four-arrested-protesting-ubs-funding-of-mountaintop-removal-coal-extraction/



Support Our Fearless Summer Heroes!

Join us to support April, Carmen, Nick and Vic at their court appearance: Thursday, July 11th at 9 am, at Stamford’s Superior Court: 123 Hoyt Street.


UBS, a Swiss-owned wealth management firm is one of the largest funders of mountaintop removal coal extraction. April, Carmen, Nick, and Vic were arrested while delivering a message to UBS at their headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut. Their message to UBS was simple: Stop funding the destruction of Appalachia.

As a form of peaceful protest April, Carmen, Nick, and Vic refused to leave unless UBS committed to cease funding mountaintop removal. As such, they were each charged with Criminal Trespass and Breach of Peace.

See each of them explain in their own words why they chose to risk their freedom to protect Appalachian mountains and communities:


Their first (and hopefully last) court date is Thursday, July 11th at 9:00 a.m. and they are looking for your support. If you are in the area or are willing to travel please consider coming out. If you can’t make it (or even if you can) please consider donating to their legal fund:


Please share this event on your profile and invite everyone that may be willing to support our heroes. Mountaintop removal is one of the most destructive things happening on our planet, April, Carmen, Nick, and Vic took a stand to help end the devastation, now it’s our turn to take a stand for them.

Read more about this action here:


More photos and quotes! Also: how to help with our legal fees.


April words
vic words
Note: That should say “posterity” not “prosperity”.

Please check out Hands off Appalachia, who coordinated with us on this action.

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